Developing your opportunities

By providing a user friendly platform with A class investments in Switzerland available at any time from everywhere, we are effectively openning up your opportunities to gain financial returns from your revenue.

Investing made easy

Thanks to our technology and intuitive designs, you are only a few steps ahead of long term profitability and investment security.

1. Select your assets

Pick a property that matches your investment needs and invest the amount that you want in it (minimum $10). Our asset-partners offer quality commercial properties, valuated by experts beforehand.

2. Collect your yield

You will now earn the operational gains from this property’s net rental income proportional to your investment amount!

3. Liquidate your investment

Sell your asset shares at the right moment to collect any capital returns related to your asset’s price changes

We provide investors class A Real Estate assets in Switzerland on our platform and allow for seamless investment at anytime, from anywhere with personalized control

Real Estate Offerings

We provide Digital Private Real Estate Investing services at low costs with no minimum investment requirements and personnalized management

Stable, long term investments

Our assets are typically commercial real estate projects ranging from a few hundred euros to several millions. We present available assets on our platform and include the following information:

  • • Location description
  • • Yield and financial projections
  • • Legal documentation


Our digital real estate investing solution will provide you with the following benefits:

  • • Ease of use
  • • Transparency
  • • Data security
  • • Accessibility
  • • Liquidity

Compliant crypto investments

Our products and investment opportunities are compliant with regulations and traditional financial market practices. We strive to provide you a personalized approach to your investment portfolio in a compliant and secure way.