Building the digital future of Real Estate investing

Swiss Realty is here to revolutionize the way people invest in Real Estate accross the world. By using the power of blockchain technology, we are able to open the institutional real estate market to a broader audience than ever before

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Current market challenges

Investors willing to enter the global real estate market are facing high barriers to entry


Entering real estate investing requires a significant amount of starting capital, knowledge, experience and market intermediaries

Outdated processes

Traditional investment processes are burdensome and technologically outdated – an underestimated market innovation opportunity

High fees

Existing real estate investment products are complex, with high minimum investments, and non-transparant intermediary fees

Our solution

Swiss Realty offers you a digital, automated, cost-efficient and secure global platform to invest and manage your investments in Real Estate

Opening up the real estate market for a broader global audience

Institutional Real Estate assets are hard to reach for the investors as they are often subject to high regulations, low visibility and high capital requirements. At Swiss Realty, we believe the solution lies in the many and we are on a mission to open a traditionally closed market by breaking existing barriers to entry


Providing liquidity to an illiquid market

When investing in assets such as Real Estate, you do not expect to sell the first year and are here for the long term. But imagine you need the money right now. Where do you sell your participation? With us it's simple, you have the ability to sell your participation at anytime against money. You are free to manage your investment as needed

Cutting out the intermediaries

Ever wondered why you were paying brokers an astonishing price when placing your hard earned cash? Wonder no more, with Swiss Realty your investments are almost free! The only fee to pay is the gas necessary to run every transactions, we do not take a cut on that. You pay for what you get


Tech driven Innovation

We have the ambition to revolutionize the way people invest in Real Estate through constant innovation and the latest technologies

Blockchain technology is at the core of our operations

Blockchain technology allows us to streamline the entire operations that are done by armies of analysts in traditional Private Equities or funds. By leveraging this technology we are able to:

  • Cut costs
  • Personalize asset management
  • Provide unprecedent liquidity

Swiss Realty provides unprecedent change to an old industry!


Our company

We are a young, ambitious and disruptive team ready to take over and change the way people have been investing in Real Estate for the last century

We are driven by our mission every single day

We strive to make the world of Real Estate investment easier, more transparent and increasingly openned. We want to allow everybody around the world to profit from an industry that provides relatively stable returns and long-term focus


We envision a better world in which people are in the command seat

In 10 years, the highly regulated world of Real Estate investing will be completely digitzed and openned. People will be able to invest in highly structured asset from all over the world without worrying about banks, minimal deposits and information availability.

We will be at the center of this new ecosystem and will act as market leaders in this new industry that will be driven by technology