Join us in paving the way towards accessible real estate!

At Swiss Realty, we are building the future of real estate asset management platform. Namely, our process is based on the Ethereum blockchain and will disrupt a USD 700 billion industry.

How do we do it?

Our solution enables investors from all around the world to enter a market that is traditionally closed and has high barriers to entry - the Swiss Real Estate market.

How does it work?

Our team has developed an asset-backed token that has the ability to represent a commercial real estate asset. Your token represents a proportional piece of the actual value that will be generated by this asset.

The good news? As an investor you will benefit from the rents and profits from this asset, as if it were your own! Yet, do not worry about the burden of heaps of paperwork that accompanies actual ownership of the building - the company will manage this part.

Your token will give you proportional access to dividends that investors would otherwise only be able to enjoy via the traditional funds that have high entry barriers and require a much slower middleman process.

What else is in it for you?

Absolute Security

Every transaction is recorded and audited by the blockchain. Therefore, investors will always know what happens on our asset management platform and what the value of their asset-backed token is.

Easy Access

Investors from all over the world can apply for safe fund-access, thanks to blockchain technology. Procedures are highly simplified compared to the traditional funds.

Also, token purchases can easily be done via other international or cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. There is no minimum or maximum cap.

Personal Control

Participating in our Asset Management Platform is fast and easy, but most importantly, you are the owner of your decisions. Via our platform you can instantly buy or sell your individual tokens. You control when to step in, and when to opt out, without asset managers as middlemen.

We are disrupting the traditional asset management model

Our vision for 2019 is to revolutionize the way Real Estate Management Funds operate. We have an innovative and game-changing approach that will disrupt the industry forever and give investors greater value-for-coin.

Our three main advantages

In order to get a head start of the traditional industry players, our token S-Realty offers the following value propositions:

  1. Cheap entry

    Qualified investors can invest in the token at any time. We do not require a minimum investment in cryptocurrencies and we do not limit participation to artificial geographical boundaries either.
  2. Power to the people

    Tokens issued by Swiss Realty carry voting power that allow qualified investors to vote in particular occasions on matters of importance related to the real estate asset, such as, making a strategic move to another market or even issuing more tokens in one of our funds.
  3. Innovation

    By itself, blockchain is an innovation that allows us to disrupt this market, but we are planning to do much more. We are developing further machine learning and big data capabilities for our company and are leveraging these skills to strengthen our position in the market and further drive innovation.

An outstanding team for an outstanding project

We have put the best together in order to deliver value, trust and professionalism to our investors. Meet the team.

Mikael Gross
Head of Technology
Management Consultant focusing on blockchain and automation. Mikael is a serial entrepreneur always chasing ideas and innovations in order to change established markets. He is an avid crypto-programmer, particularly when it comes down to the Ethereum blockchain.
Noortje van Ophem
Head of Legal & Operational Structuring
Noortje is our legal coordinator and guides the operational structuring of the business, bridging the gap between legal matters and new innovative technology. She is a dedicated legal and strategic professional and management consultant.
Caleb Thomson
Head of Compliance & Regulations
Caleb is our compliance advisor, navigating the rapidly developing and shifting regulatory landscape. Being a Yale graduate and having an impressive track record, he is now an experienced strategist, technologist, and management consultant.

Blockchain technology is the backbone of our organisation

Blockchain allows us to cut costs and fees, increase trust and transparency and secure our investors' participation. We use blockchain as a way to issue out participations in the fund and link assets in real life with the asset tokens owned by our investors.

Blockchain technology allows us to focus on what is important for our investors: returns and stability. All the usual backend tasks that were handled by dozens of analyst at investment funds are now handled by a totally decentralized, rule based and open source set of smart contracts. Lower operatings costs and fees means more for you.